Samuel Cozine was born in Kentucky in 1820. He headed west to Oregon on the 1843 Wagon Train where he met his future wife, Mahala Arthur.

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Solomon “Dutch” Beary was the first shopkeeper in McMinnville.  He opened a general store adjacent to the Cozine’s blacksmith shop, the General Store was called “Dutch Beary’s General Store.”

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John Gordon Baker, known locally as “Uncle John”, was born in 1818 in Madison County, Kentucky. When he was 19, he moved to Missouri and married Catherine Blevins. In 1844, the Bakers built a cabin on present junction of Baker and Panther Creek confirming their status as the first residents of McMinnville.

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E. C. Apperson is a native Oregonian, born in Oregon City, May 30th, 1870 and came to McMinnville in 1884.

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Sebastian C. Adams Jr., arrived in Oregon in 1850. He was known as a teacher and land surveyor. Adams married Martha McBride on February 6, 1851, in Yamhill County.

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Chinese Immigrants in McMinnville

The basement of the Old Elks Building housed a Chinese restaurant from 1908 to 1920. The basement covers an area of about 9,000 square feet. Chinese immigrants who came to Oregon were forced into the most dangerous jobs and were generally mistreated.

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